Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Lasik Surgery @ Optimax Kuching

Having a perfect vision without glass on is seemed to be a miracle for those who are suffering from myopia. In those bygone days I used to do a lot of researches on the internet whether myopia was curable or not. The first thing I encountered was a device made of China that provide eye massage which can improve eyesight problem; the device cost around RM2k+ but it somewhat made no sense that for me to buy cause there was no scientific evidence in such approach. Moving on the next thing I found was an effective technique. What you're going to do is set a focus point(e.g the coin) and stress your eye to focus it..

and then quickly move your head backward and focus the coin again.

The objective of doing this is to train the strength of your eyes, the more exercises you do, the more better eyesight you will have. Well, it was a scam, for my case I actually went to do the exercise again and again, at the end I turned out exhausted and dizzy.

In fact, I did come across laser eye surgery many years ago, during that time I was a student, therefore with the tremendous amount of money the surgery was not within my budgetary convenience, also, generally there are so many misconceptions where people suffers from its complications and side effects. So after some times when I finished my diploma and started to work, I did save up some money.

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Six months back, all of the sudden I came out an idea to figure out what Lasik Eyes Surgery is all about, so I went to Optimax(which is introduced by my friends, also influenced by Kennysia) for inquiry, their opticians explained to me the entire procedure of the surgery. I would conclude that this surgery has a very safe procedure yet painless - FDA certified.

Basically what the lasik surgeon gonna do is, he/she actually used the machine so called microkeratome to create a hinged corneal flap on the outer layer of the eye, when the cornea is surgically removed, an excimer laser is used to reshape your cornea. The procedure will approximately take 10 - 15 minutes per eyes, after that the doctor will replace the flap back and then the healing process begins. This in fact will not lead to any serious complications because the removal part is on the outer layer of the eyes - not inner layer. So it's very rare that you'd get complications for the surgery. It's 1% out of 100%.

Actually I was just browsing Optimax with no intention to do anything, not due to financial constraint but with such tremendous amount of money I could have done a lot of things; e.g. traveling. One month passed, at the mean time I had also been asking for feedback from ex-lasik patient, doctor from General Hospital and Chinese doctor, lol. All the feedback were pretty much positive, that was when I took the initiative to make the final decision.

So, I was scheduled about two weeks before the surgery commence, I was very calm until the day when I was about to walk into the operation room, I turned panic and nervous. This surgery is performed under local anesthesia, that means I have to open my eyes and let the surgeon cut my eye in live. "1000x scarier than seeing a ghosts!" I kept on shivering, worrying this and that. I just got too much unduly concerned. Approximately one hour plus the surgery was finally done for both eyes, I felt painless except having very blurry vision. I found my eyes extremely discomfortable like my eyes were running out of tears. The next day I woke up, my eyes recovered except feeling a little dryness on my eye.

Eye shields have to put on every time before going to bed.

It was a completely a brand new day for me. Everything I saw was sharp and clear, I couldn't help describing how excited/happy I was but kept on telling my friends "Hey, I just installed two DSLR cameras on both of my eyes". A week later, my eyes seemed to be very tired, my vision got blurred especially under dim light, double vision during midnight (maybe because of sleeping late), glare vision when I drive in night and this continued for two months.

Glare Vision


Glare Vision


Double Vision

I was very worried and went back to the clinic to follow-up, what I got from their optometrist was "Be patient", fine then since I had also checked on the internet most after-lasik-patient they had similar experiences. This irritation had been barricading me from looking for job and also driving at night, how disturbing.

                                                Hairstyling for 13mins. Must camwhore a while.

After undergoing these short term side effects for about two months, now my eyes are regained back to its full vision. Glare, double and blurry visions are cleared after two months except slight dry eye, it's not a big deal after all. Many imperfections are slowly reducing as the time goes by. Anyway, I'm very happy with my brand news eyes now as they are no longer like before, where i have to put on glass to do my own things.

Now I can exercise without spec.

Swim without spec.

Club without spec. Wonderful.

Well, I think it is important to have good eye contact because it can stimulates strong feelings of affection, at the same time also makes a good conversation flows well where your conversational partner may think that you are confident and interested in the conversation. When it comes to your love ones, looking into her/him eyes you can actually see little color changes that make up their eyes, reflection in their eyes, design of their eyes.. how lovely/romantic.. ehh.. right? If I'm with glass on, definitely my love ones will not care much about my eye contact. no?

In totality, I had just made one of the best decisions ever in my entire life. I'm very great that I'm now totally freed from the dependency of glass, same thing goes to when you are freed from sanitary napkin. Perfect vision is essential because we are happy when we see beautiful things. Isn't it wonderful to have a DSLR camera to take picture?



Anonymous said...

how much did you spend for the whole surgery?

George said...

Overall is RM4800.

Surgery type: customization.

It was a promo price. They said "customized" this surgery has become more expensive these days.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the information :)

George said...

You're welcome..

Anonymous said...

Hi, im thinking about doing this too. Just wondering abt the glare vision, does it help when u wear ur specs? Or do u not need to use ur specs at all after the surgery? Thanks!

George said...

yeah. you wouldn't need to wear spec anymore after the surgery. If you face glare vision during the healing process, i don't think it will help because the degree of your eye is still unstable. it will improve as time pass by..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your briefly described post!! I'm dying for this kind of information. Surely the cost now will increase a bit right? How your eyesight now? Still better?

George said...

Hi Anonymous. The degree of my eyesight isn't completely corrected. There are still some leftovers. I'm no longer having myopia but Astigmatism. Weird thing is, whenever I have not enough rest of the day, I will have like 70-80% of astigmatism because normally I face on my monitor for long hours. If enough rest then vision slightly better, maybe 50% (still not perfect vision tho). But overall, I do not depend on spectacle anymore.

Orlhns Ukm said...

Please allow me to share my experince in here for benefit of other people.
just want to share my lasik experience.
Please share with your friends to safe them or their love one.
Did lasik in excelview mid valley kuala lumpur malaysia.
But my vision is not good with haloes,. Night vision is even worse with haloes, blurr and starbust..
Please keep your glasses. Dont do lasik because nobody can guarantee the result and u might be upset for the rest of yourlife. Nothing wrong with thick glasses. Safe your eyes.

Orlhns Ukm said...

Lasik done in excelview midvalley kuala lumpur. Vision is not good at all. Nothing can be done.LASIK is not guaranteed and not safe. NOBODY KNOWs About longtwrm complications.. dont do it.

George said...

Hi Ukm,

Your statement is still not convincing enough to prove that this surgery is unsafe. My friends and people I met who have been through LASIK surgery they are perfectly fine. It's undeniably that there is always complication for every surgery and the fact is that Lasik Surgery is relatively low; 2% out of 100% I would say.

Anyway, I really wish you all the best and thanks for dropping by~